The 'Masterplan' Explained..... 19th February 2010

Zone 'A' is the area containing the large buildings always shown in photos in articles trying to justify this scheme. The buildings are, in places, in a poor state, and should probably never have been sold. Some are really attractive, and are people's homes.These are the buildings always publicised as 'Rowner', or 'The Rowner Estate', and have always been focused on as the area to be 'regenerated'. Plans for Zone B, (and the area north of Nimrod Drive) have been carefully hidden over the last 3 to 4 years, so the statement 'we have spent the last eight months engaging with the residents' is totally misleading. This is Phase 6, which is unlikely to take place for many years, if at all.

Zone 'B' is the area containing hundreds of perfectly good homes which, over the years, people have been encouraged to buy, and many have been recently refurbished. Development of this area means the loss of these homes and extensive green spaces. The end result will be homes the present residents cannot afford, homes built without a thought for the environment and, the developers hope, with a large profit. No 'Eco Homes' here.

Note the 'Surestart' building, which was built on an adventure playground. Great for the politicians - not so good for the children.

Plans for the future of the area north of this map, see HERE, are yet to be revealed.

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