A website dedicated to the protection of hundreds of private homes in Gosport -
threatened by developers under the guise of 'Regeneration'

Get it in WRITING! - do not make 'phone calls

Don't be intimidated - keep your home

27th September 2018

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  Questions to ask yourself:

1) Why can there be no refurbishment/self-build?

2) Why should perfectly good homes be destroyed?

3) Why is there so little INFORMATION available on what is planned for the area?

You must bear in mind, whatever is built will affect the residents in any houses left standing, especially those north of Nimrod Drive. (Supermarkets? Schools? Factories? Shops? Hospital?) Are these residents aware of what is being planned around them?

4) Why is so little time being allowed for 'Public Consultation' even though so little has been made available to 'consult' about?

5) The PHA development at Fareham was made available online, so why is the Rowner one being kept under wraps? 12th April 2008 - still no useful information on the RR website.

6) Whose idea was it to sell these properties in the first place?



1) Do not sign anything.
2) Get everything in writing.
3) Do not attend private meetings.
4) Treat everything you are told with suspicion.

5) Do not agree to give away your home.
Just remember - property developers do not worry about the general public - they just want money. This is a big money-making scheme. It is not set up to help the residents.


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