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Gosport Election Results 2018
Our homes threatened by Gosport Council and developers -
See what they are trying to destroy

You know it makes sense!

Remember -

Vote Nobody! 

Treat others as equal - and they will equal you

Brian Sewell

Alan Bennett

Travellers Home Education Electric Bikes

Arty Farty

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Education Otherwise - School is not compulsory!

Classes of 70 'acceptable'. Glad you Home-Educated?

"You don't teach - they learn" -
John Holt

Charles Aznavour - finished with school at nine years old!!!!

David Bailey - constantly called stupid at school.

Fred Dibnah - very clever man, and not a GCSE in sight.....

Anthony Heritage Farrar-Hockley - ran away from school at 15. Not exactly

a failure, was he? Just goes to show you are what you are.

Alan Sillitoe - left school at 14.....

Jack Douglas - ran away from school at 12. Didn't
he do well!!!

Jools Holland 'left' school at 15. I don't think he had any GCEs.........

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” Galileo
"People will only learn what they are interested in" ME!


So, you thought Social Services were there to
help you? WRONG!
Read the FASSIT website, (and if you home-educate, this means you!) this
is the sort of thing they do....and. this and and this and this and this- social workers?? They strike again......

and the USA have the same problem.

HOME EDUCATION is something that may interest you, if you have children. School is not compulsory, but this is not made very public, especially by the powers-that-be, as schools are paid by the number of pupils they have. Fewer pupils means less money, and that's all education is about, in Britain today. Have you noticed all the flannel in the mainstream media, recently? Millions to be spent on 'education'.This means more building contracts, computer sales etc, which puts money in the pockets of construction companies et al. And that's about it. Education Otherwise - 1977 to 2020 = 43 years of support. for info. Schools are just buildings - education is learning. (and you do that all your life!) Another good reason to HE - here

Pork-Bolter - all about Worthing and its problems. They still have a cinema, unlike Gosport, but theirs would appear to be under threat from the same sort of people who finished ours off! Not content with that, they now have plans for the demolition of Gosport bus station. It is proposed (to encourage tourism) to demolish the bus station and build a SMALLER one, plus lots of luxury flats overlooking the harbour. Lunacy rules. Developers first - residents last.

Afghanistan. Iraq - How/Why did all this start? How many more to be killed, before 'The Powers' feel they have made their point? We seem to be getting in deeper and deeper- all to protect the oil interests.

'Another family destroyed by Gosport Social Services' was on stickers I once saw on lamp standards in the town - and now I know why.....


So, this is free speech? Indymedia hit by someone who is frightened of the truth. George Monbiot recently mentioned something like this happening - and he was right. How soon before we are all gagged?

Cycling - round the World!!!!!!!!!

 No to HS2
A railway we did not ask for and do not need

Gap Year??????? There's only one gap in your life, and that's the one between
when you are born and when you die.

Thousands of Gypsies were murdered during WW2, they are still being persecuted today in the UK, and in Italy. Gypsies who own their own land are constantly being evicted. Have you heard anything of it on the mainstream media? The council here in Gosport can bulldoze earth banks overnight,and install height barriers to stop people living, but cannot afford road humps to keep people alive. They can allow hundreds of houses to be built on HMS Daedalus, but there is no room for a Gypsy Transit Site.

What is 'affordable housing'? And who buys 'unaffordable housing'? See Rowner Destruction.

While here in Gosport, Hampshire, we have hundreds of families with homes worth only the value of the land on which they stand, and unable to get a mortgage. The developers are hovering, with pound signs in their eyes. Things are a bit different up North. is a site worth inspecting.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. " Thomas Jefferson

Dice George- the man in a bus. Laptop on wheels. Wherever he's parked, you can find him on

Is it true, if I pay £90 for a TV and £145.50 for a licence , I can watch 'Freeview'?

TV Licence fee - for what?

Yet more GREEN spaces and homes under threat , thanks to Gosport Council. Cars and developers first, residents and environment last.    Hay on Wye has a Literary Festival, Gosport has a factory making packaging for McDonalds.


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