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A website dedicated to the protection of hundreds of private homes in Gosport -
threatened by developers under the guise of 'Regeneration'

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East Hants - Exposed!

Whose home did you destroy today, dad?

Marinaleda an example to us all
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Occupy London

Seen the new houses? Plastic-coated, like a bad
nylon wig, with front doors from a prison
clearance sale.

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Shoe-box homes!

Rabbit Hutches....

Private Eye

Ecology Building Society

INDYMEDIA - Pathfinder Disgrace


And now.............

the same procedure

 for a railway that we

did not ask for

Private Eye.

The Beiderbecke Affair - it makes

it all so clear.



Updated 22nd September 2021

Want the truth about 'The Pandemic?'


Go to the UK Column website or Dr Vernon Coleman
Brian Rose at London Real is getting the truth out
Brandnewtube.com or Bitchute are two more sources
YouTube is heavily censored now, as is the Google search engine
Use DuckDuckGo for your searches
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Viruses are invisible - pandemics are not

If there had really been a pandemic, you would have known about it.
Think you are on your own, in these horrible times? You're not!
Visit Astandinthepark and meet like-minded people who haven't been
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Visit the Statista site for the true figures, and work it out for yourself

Gosport's answer to the Climate Crisis

Before you read any further, be aware that these are PRIVATE home-owners
being offered derisory valuations for their homes, and being forced into rented
accommodation. They are NOT council house tenants being forced to move.
THEY STAND TO LOSE THEIR HOMES. Imagine yourself in the same position.
Imagine a letter through YOUR door this morning, from the local council,
informing you that you have to move. You won't get enough for a new home.
You won't be supplied with a replacement home. Not good, is it? Now read on.

INDYMEDIA - Pathfinder Disgrace

For real politics, don’t look to parliament...

Failed Architecture

French windows - but no balconies! It goes on STILL!

Polystyrene blocks with all the the flammable qualities of the tiles you
have been told are not safe on your ceilings,
are being fixed to WOODEN-WALLED HOUSES!

The ONLY buyer for your home now is a HOUSING ASSOCIATION - LOOK OUT!

Who will buy the new houses?   How long will they last?  MORE dodgy-dealings with Tesco

The 'Masterplan' Explained.... or, how to try and take people's homes from them,
then tell them you are doing them a favour.

"AFFORDABLE" HOUSING - what a joke.  GENTRIFICATION, and not just in Gosport

3Matt Cartoons

Redfern's pay doubles - as you try to keep your home.

CALEARTH - Homes for people without money

 How can anyone be proud of achieving THIS?

Local government is the last refuge of the timid - Alan Plater

Alan Plater - Obituary

Tesco, Taylor Wimpey, Destruction - sound familiar?



Beware of Wimpey 'Homes'

“If people still have concerns, they should go and discuss them individually with the Partnership.” which is rather like asking the executioner for a pardon....(and means we can trade you off, one against another).

Perfectly good homes, being emptied, and left....the 'SOLD' signs added later are just an attempt
to make this disaster look respectable.

THIS is what our homes are worth, according to this court transcript.
£6000 homes sold for £42,000.

Some History....... or,who sold them - who built them?

Hands off Our Homes!!!!!!!!! - others are fighting around the country, and are in

EXACTLY the same situation as the people in Rowner. PUBLIC CONSULTATION????
Problems with Tesco??

Councillor sacked for being honest!!!!!!!!!!!
Whose idea was it that we should lose our homes? Who decided we would only be
told half the story? Why should I lose what I've worked 25 years for? See LATEST NEWS.
Try watching '
The Beiderbecke Affair', by Alan Plater. It's all happened before, and it's happening now. 

Don't forget, if you own your home, you are sitting on the land, which is the most expensive part. If PHA pay you £100,000 for your home, that has cost them £100,000, and you cannot afford another one in the area. If a new one costs £80,000 to build,(or LESS!) it has cost them £80,000, and you still have a home. Think about it. Self-build? That has been totally ignored in this scheme. That is because it is all about PROFIT, not benefitting the residents.

Here in Gosport, Hampshire, it was announced out of the blue,to 'about' five hundred private homeowners, that their homes are to be destroyed in the name of 'Rowner Renewal', but in reality, there are over 1000 homes under threat,from the Tesco Express shop southwards.We were NEVER consulted as to whether we wished our homes to be destroyed. It has proven impossible to extract any useful information from the people responsible. What is planned for the area south of the Tesco Express shop? How can this be 'Public Consultation', when our questions ARE NOT ANSWERED? The UK government has been defeated once, already, because of its failure to carry out PROPER public consultation on nuclear power. There has been NO proper consultation on this scheme, especially since it started without even asking if residents wished to have their homes destroyed. Also, the false information put out regarding the number of homes under threat definitely negates any argument that this is a genuine consultation process. It is planned to build 'a sustainable community'. This does not mean eco-housing, with solar panels, wind generators, large play areas for children, away from cars and roads, (as we have now) just hundreds of stunted boxes, designed to generate as much wealth as possible for the developers, with a large (probably) Tesco shop for the 'lucky' residents. Plus a tower block for the wealthy to view the Solent. Of course, the end result never looks like the pretty drawings first put on display, to put you off the scent. THIS is what happens - Pathfinder Disaster - homes in the north and the midlands destroyed. Don't let it happen here. Have a look at this info on the RVRA site - this is what will happen to you and your home. (and John Prescott now advises the Chinese on new, sustainable cities , plus after-dinner speeches on REGENERATION! Can you believe it????)
The amount of time allowed for 'public consultation' has been kept to a minimum, so that the destruction can start as soon as possible. GBC intend to start felling trees by the road in Magennis Close, yet there 'are no plans yet'... GBC has a legal responsibility to ensure the consultation process is carried out correctly. With so little information available to the residents concerned, and so few questions answered, they are not fulfilling this responsibility. However often you ask questions, you do not receive answers. One hour spent in a local hall, after a days work, trying to study information that has not previously been seen, is hardly fair on residents at risk of losing their homes. This is all loaded in favour of the developers. Were you told
EVERYTHING when you bought your property? If, according to my Building Society, pre-fab houses are worth only the value of the land on which they stand, ask yourself: 1) How much is my house/flat really worth? and 2) Why was I not told this when my house was sold to me? The fact that NO proper plans are being made available to the residents, the constant threats of compulsory purchase, and the constant exhortations to carry out negotiations in secret, all point to the fact that this scheme is of no benefit to the people it purports to help.


While it is probably agreed by residents of some buildings - the large blocks of flats - that things would be improved for them if they had houses to live in, (but not houses with a large debt hung round the owner's neck - they must be offered a replacement home with no excessive financial burden) , it does not follow that hundreds more houses should be destroyed. People have bought these in good faith, paid their mortgages, estate maintenance, council tax etc, and do not deserve to be treated thus. It is at this stage that things seem to move from benefiting residents to benefiting property developers/builders. These are the houses within large, grassed areas, with mature trees, where it is safe for children to play, picnic etc, and families to hold barbecues, parties etc. While GBC is happy to support the 17th Century Village in Gosport, it is doubtful that they wish to see genuine 21st century housing built.
If some imagination were to be used in the planning of these new houses, we could be looking at the sort of dwellings found at these two sites, which are just two of many. BedZed and Dancing Rabbit. From the little information supplied so far, it's normal developer plans. ie: No imagination.
The website that is supposed to keep residents informed of public meetings etc, www.rownerrenewal.com, has finally become live - 23rd October. The 'consultation period' seems to consist of a few hours in a local hall, AND STILL NO MAP. We, the homeowners, need TIME to take all this in. We need proper public meetings, with plans available of where the proposed destruction is to take place. (I say 'proposed', as it does not have to happen). We need communications in writing, not via a telephone number that residents have to pay for, with no record of what is said, and one resident set against another. We need regular updates on the RR website, giving people plenty of notice of forthcoming meetings, changes in plans etc, so that busy, working people have time to read and digest this information. We need information from Gosport Council, an elected body, not from the local newspaper, or an un-elected quango. We need a clear plan shown on the RR website, showing what is planned, when, where, and who is paying for it. Is this too much to ask in our 'democratic' country?

The main points are:

1) Do not sign anything.
2) Get everything in writing.
3) Do not attend private meetings.
4) Treat everything you are told with suspicion.

5) Do not agree to give away your home.
Just remember - property developers do not worry about the general public - they just want money. This is a big money-making scheme. It is not set up to help the residents.

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