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29th January 2020


Arty Farty
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Electric bikes are a wonderful invention. They get you where you want to go, cost little to run, use very little of the
world's resources, and you can always find somewhere to park! Over the past few years they have become very
refined. To my mind, this may have gone too far, and has drifted away from the original purpose of the ebike,
which was to provide transport which many people can afford.

Igo  Cargo bike R
        & M  Bosch  rambletta

I thought I would put this page up to try and help anyone thinking of buying an ebike. If it's going to be used for everyday transport, then the cost can be justified. However, if it's going to get very little use, think carefully, as the batteries don't like
  sitting about and not being used.The more use the better!  It's possible to get a bike starting at around £400,which will be
 very basic, but it will get you around. If you have any sort of mechanical aptitude, you can build your own, as I did, and you end up with exactly the bike you want. Mine cost me, in total, about £1000 over five years, which includes two batteries (still
  working), so that's about £4 per week for my transport.
There are various permutations of ebike. The battery can be at the rear of the bike, which puts the weight a bit high up and a bit far back. The better option is to have it centrally mounted, which many bikes are now moving towards. The motor can be in the front or rear wheel, or centrally mounted as part of the crank.The last is a more expensive option, but can be beneficial
if a lot of hill climbing is anticipated. If you live in a less-hilly part of the country, hub motors are perfectly adequate. They are surprisingly powerful. There are low-step frames, which are easy to mount, or frames with a crossbar. If you do live in a flatter part of the country, you'll find you don't need many gears. The motor does most of the work. My first bike had six gears (derailleur), and I found myself clicking up and down constantly. I now use a three-speed hub gear, which lets me change gear at rest. Other people I have spoken to found the same. That is why I built my own bike, as I found it impossible to buy what I wanted, ready-made.

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